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    When you think of quality veterinary care, what do you envision? Do you think of sitting in a cold exam room with your pet, trying to make eye contact with the vet, who seems to be preoccupied? Do you imagine being rushed through the visit so the next patient can be seen, your questions and concerns going unheard and unanswered? At Stockbridge Animal Hospital, we’ve all had experiences like this, and we’re proud to say we’re different from other vets in Henry County. The crux of our care is compassion for the patient and respect and attention for the client.

    Recent Posts

    Famous Cats

    Jul 15, 2014

    Cats have been our friends and companions for a long, long time. Many Henry County homes are graced by a feline, and these loving and enigmatic animals have a pretty solid fan base here. Every cat is unusual in their … Read More »

    Dogs and Toys

    Jul 01, 2014

    Dogs can be very serious animals. They have been our guardians, protectors, and furry alarm systems for countless ages, and have well-earned their title of Man’s Best Friend. Henry County has a lot of canines who take their ‘jobs’ quite … Read More »

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